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The Mahavamsa author being a Buddhist monk and justifying the killing of around sixty thousand Tamils/Hindus aka invaders by Dutugemunu is one reason why others non Buddhists think that Sinhala Buddhism is somewhat of a violent barbaric form of Buddhism where killing Tamils is justified. The killing of Tamils in Sri Lanka by the Sinhala Buddhists even today is due to this uncivilized and barbaric ehhno religion known as Sinhala Buddhism or Mahavamsa Buddhism. There is a clear record of all the main events of Buddha, the places he visited, with whom he was, where and what he preached and to whom he preached, in the Buddhist scriptures Tripitika, but nowhere it is mentioned that the Buddha visited or even spoke about the island of Lanka. In order to protect Buddhism in Sri Lanka from those powerful South Indian Hindu kingdoms, Ven. Mahanama wrote the Mahavamsa, by added his own imaginations and myths. He has introduced many events concerning Buddha which never took place, things that Buddha has never said or done, events which are not mentioned in any of the Buddhist scriptures both Theravada and Mahayana. For example, according to the Mahavamsa, Buddha made three magical trips to Sri Lanka, each time colonizing another area of the island, in preparation for the formal introduction of Buddhism two centuries after his death. One of these trips was to settle a dispute between the Yakkhas and Nagas at Naga Divipa Ninathivu where the Buddha tamed the Yakkhas, the non human inhabitants of the island. There is no evidence whatsoever to support this claim Buddha's 3 visits, other than the three chaithiyas Buddhist structures built in the recent past by the Sinhalese Buddhists at 3 different locations to say, 'This is where Buddha came. ' Even the footprint of Buddha at Sri Pada Adam's peak is nothing but an obvious myth. 'My doctrine, O Sakka, will eventually be established in the Island of Lanka, and on this day, Vijay the eldest son of Singha Bahu king of Sinhapura in the Lata country lands there with 700 followers and will assume sovereignty there.

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Make sure that you get the very best deal out from auto leasing by contrasting the monthly costs with the rates of interest of your nearby car dealership. When selecting the model or construct from the vehicle that you are going to rent, decide on the Japanese and also International automobiles. These are actually basically the brands which possess lesser devaluation prices, as compared to the United States autos. You are going to determine that the majority of luxury autos possess the lowest depreciation market values. Analysis, go to a local area vehicle dealership in your place or ask close friends which are currently renting automobiles. They ought to have some great recommendations to show to you on effective ways to receive the most effective dispense from leasing autos.

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Lukes, with hospitals in southwestern and central Idaho, is reporting that 20% of hospitalized patients are suffering from COVID 19. Its hospital in Twin Falls has postponed elective surgeries and are sending children in need of medical care to Boise, about 125 miles away. Primary Health Medical Group, the largest independent medical group in Idaho, has had to close two of its 19 urgent care clinics in southwestern Idaho because of sick or quarantined staff. The clinics are a buffer keeping hospital emergency rooms in the region from getting clogged with patients not needing emergency level care. Oklahoma is one of the states consistently breaking records for new cases, and the strain is being felt in hospitals. Bed space is running out, and an equally daunting problem is a shortage of nursing staff. Dr. Sam Ratermann, director of the hospitalist program at INTEGRIS Grove Hospital in Grove, Oklahoma, said patients are being transferred from hospital to hospital across the state for lack of beds. Even when we have open ICU beds across the state, we dont have staff to fill them, Ratermann said. Theres going to be a point where theres no beds and we cant even care for our local citizens. "The University of Minnesota's Osterholm has been predicting the darkest days will be in the weeks or months ahead.

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