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Of the 11 persons elected by the boards oftrustees of the institutions listed in G. S. 116 5a1, three shall serve aterm ending in 1973, three shall serve a term ending on June 30, 1975, threeshall serve a term ending on June 30, 1977, and two shall serve a term endingon June 30, 1979. On January 1, 1972, or as soon as practicable thereafter, those11 persons shall by lot or other means acceptable to them determine which ofthem shall be assigned the terms ending in 1973, 1975, 1977, and 1979respectively. Of the five persons elected by the boards of trustees of theinstitutions listed in G. S.

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The study revealed that punishments such as spanking are an ineffective method for behavior modification in children aged below 12 years and should not be used, otherwise they act as a stimulus for bad behavior in the later years. But, if punishment is used among children older than that or in young adults, it brings anxiety based along the lines of what will happen if I dont?. For alteration in behavior to take place and new behavior to be adopted, the source of stimuli employed must be consistently exposed to the targeted subject. If it is inconsistent, behavior may change only temporarily or not at all. But, an inconsistent reward or punishment may be effective when it comes from a powerful or a highly authoritative source. Otherwise, a favorable outcome to be achieved is generally achieved from rewards because most people are inclined to learn from positive experiences faster than negative ones. Punishments harbor negative feelings and often end up being a 100% failure, especially among kids. People often try to resist any form of control. Punishments can only bring forced discipline which ends up backfiring at some point when a person cannot handle the stress and goes into a fight or flight mode. If you are one of those parents who use means of punishment, especially physical, to control your children, you may be hampering their mental development and growth of their IQ!In a debate over reward vs. punishment, rewards emerge as a superior technique of behavior modification and win hands down.

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