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Family involvement in school and low income childrens literacy performance: Longitudinal associations between and within families. Journal of Educational Psychology, 98, 653 664. American Psychological Association. Parent Engagement in Schools. Retrieved from apa. org: Grand Rapids Public School District. What Is Parental Engagement?Retrieved from grps. org: Wairimu, M. J. , Macharia, S. M.

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Similarly, until recently, ethics education had been lacking throughout the American educational system. In response, ethicists such as Kevin Ryan and Karen Bohlin have advocated a radical renewal of ethics education in elementary schools. They claim that comprehensive ethics education can improve ethical standards. In Building Character in Schools, Ryan and Bohlin compare an elementary school to a polis, or Greek city state, and urge that ethics be fostered everywhere in the educational polis. Teachers, they say, need to set standards and serve as ethical models for young students in a variety of ways and throughout the school. They find that manipulation and cheating tend to increase where academic achievement is prized but broader ethical values are not. They maintain that many aspects of school life, from the student cafeteria to the faculty lounge, ought to provide opportunities, among other things, to demonstrate concern for others. They also propose the use of vision statements that identify core virtues along with the implementation of this vision through appropriate involvement by staff and students. We would argue that, like elementary schools, universities have an obligation to ethically nurture undergraduate and graduate students. Although the earliest years of life are most important for the formation of ethical habits, universities can influence ethics as well. Like the Greek polis, universities become ethical when they become communities of virtue that foster and demonstrate ethical excellence.

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The activity was the kind of corner cutting and a possible violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act that allowed Uber to grow at unimaginable velocity, but with breathtaking risk. The Department of Justice is investigating the matter, as well as other activity in Malaysia, China and India, according to financial filings. Ethics were not a hallmark of Ubers first decade. Once, in a meeting with staff, Mr. Kalanick was presented with a delicious new secret weapon by a handful of engineers on workation. A workation was an unofficial Uber tradition: Instead of taking time off to relax, employees would volunteer to spend a period working on any kind of project they wanted.

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Im stressed every single moment. Tony, yellow cab, Uber, and Lyft, 10 years. When I started, I made $2,000 a week. Now Im behind in my car payments and struggling to pay my mortgage. I cant keep doing this, but I have no choice. Sardar Khan, yellow cab, 5 months. I drove a cab for years in D. C. , but cabs there were over because of Uber. Here I work seven days a week. You wait and wait for hours, and get $30.

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e. as that is and e. g. as for example, even parenthetically or in notes. Symbols should also generally be avoided: for example, use percent rather than %. Notes should appear as footnotes. They can be single spaced for the review process but must be double spaced at the copyediting stage. In both cases, use Times New Roman 12 point font and do not put any additional spacing between notes. Within the main body of the text, note numbers should be placed at the end of a sentence, unless exceptional reasons require them to be placed within the sentence, in which case they should come only after some other punctuation. If a text paragraph includes a number of page references to the same source, consolidate those references in one note, with the note number at the end of the paragraph. Provide a complete citation, including subtitle, city, and publisher, of a book at its first appearance; subsequent citations should be abbreviated authors last name plus a shortened version of the title:1 Gilbert Herdt, Guardians of the Flutes: Idioms of Masculinity New York: McGraw Hill, 1981, 17.

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