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'We're hearing about people who are being destroyed by this lockdown, strong, confident people, outgoing people, gregarious people who are being destroyed and reduced to repeated episodes of tears on the phone. 'This is a devastating social impact on our society and I believe that people would make different choices were they the ones able to take responsibility for themselves. 'Mr Brady, who voted against the Rule of Six, said: 'These rules are a massive intrusion into the liberty and private lives of the whole British people and they are having a devastating economic effect as well which will result in big job losses and masses of business failures. ' Last week, Boris Johnson hinted the Rule of Six could be suspended on Christmas Day to ensure a family of five can have both grandparents round for festive lunch. He had stressed the Government would do 'everything we can to make sure Christmas for everybody is as normal as possible'. 'On that basis, I am afraid that I am unable to vote for the rule of six because I just do not believe it is proportionate and that it will actually do what the Government hopes it will do, and I hope and fear that it will actually do more harm than good.

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2016 Minor science update: interesting new citation about evidence of inflammation suppression at night Hand et al. 2016 Huge upgrade: completely rewrote almost everything about trigger points and added much more about fibromyalgia; revised everything about tissue stagnancy, postural stress, and sleeping position; added an important large new section about inflammation and inflammaging; added a minor new section about mattresses; added several more specific tips and suggestions. 2016 Editing for clarity and readability, first half. More information about the vulnerability of the paraspinals to trigger points. New image of a messy bed. 2016 Major revision: a new structure for the article. Its now built around three possible causes of morning back pain. Modernization of trigger point information as well. 2016 An important update: added a whole bunch of new information about inflammatory back pain. Its absence in previous versions of the article was a major oversight. Morning pain and stiffness is a symptom of several common conditions, including fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, Achillis tendinitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Scott L. Howell Brigham Young University Dr. Jason B. Huett University of West Georgia Dr. Thomas J. Hynes Clayton State University Dr. Sallie J. Johnson USAF Air University, Air Command and Staff College Dr. Harold J. Kearsley Norwich University Dr. John J.

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this is so cutting because its so true for me i read it and i felt like shit thats me. Id really to be cool and different and do yoga and paint and read but i never do. I spent half of my life staring at screens and the rest of the time i think about how nice it would be if i did something that i actually liked doing or if i learnt an instrument or something. i probably sound dumb amongst all these deep intellectual comments but this hit me so hard i felt i needed to share. This article is really just a perfect version of myself arguing with a shitty version of myself. Metaphorically at least.

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