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A city is a concentrated center of population that includes residential housing and, typically, a wide variety of workplaces, schools, and other permanent establishments as well as a transportation network. The economic, political, and cultural influences of cities are felt in local, national, and global affairs. Cities have long attracted people in search of work, education, and other opportunities to improve their lives. Because of the great numbers of talented people that they bring together, cities are often centers of invention, artistic creation, tolerance, and social change. However, they can also be a nexus of poverty, overcrowding, violence, and suffering. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, who lived in a society that was still heavily rural, declared, I am a lover of knowledge, and the men who dwell in the city are my teachers, not the trees or the countryside. Centuries later, however, the French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau dubbed cities the sink of the human race, and the English poet Percy Bysshe Shelley went so far as to call hell a city much like London. Cities can endure for centuries or even millennia. However, they are a relatively recent invention in human history, dating back only 7,000 to 9,000 years. In ancient and medieval times cities began to appear throughout the world. But until the mid 20th century the vast majority of people continued to live on farms and in villages, unconcerned with the strange and distant life of cities.

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Remember that cats dont like to use a dirty toilet any more than you would. Is your kitty a scardy cat? Shyness and fear stem from a number of causes, but can be overcome with gentleness and patience, as these tips explain. It is always important to allow your cat to set his own pace, and to be patient if his pace is slower than you had hoped for. While stress itself is not of behavioral origin, it can lead to a number of problems often considered behavioral, such as litter box avoidance or depression. When behavioral problems suddenly appear, savvy cat owners soon learn to first rule out signs of health problems, and next for stress factors, such as changes in the environment. Article Source: About The Author: Derrick Anderson To keep your cat safe see our selection of cat enclosures.

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Between the bank and Columbia Market is a lower brick building built it 1900, replacing the Red Front Store. Not quite visible is the raising of planking over these two blocks of Granite St from Mill to Cracker; construction of the planked street began in 1900 at the Mill St end. In 1897, almost directly across from the Starr, the Capital Hotel was built. A May 20, 1898, article in the Morning Democrat called it the leading hotel of Sumpter and gave a brief description of P. J. Griffin, owner of what was then called the Spencer. On the first of April he bought this hotel. It is a large and commodious building, having thirty eight bedrooms. It is thoroughly lit by electricity, and has all the modern improvements. The table is furnished with all the market affords, and is a cardinal feature of the house. His wife aids him in the supervision of the hotel, and we bespeak for them a large and growing patronage.

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