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761, s. 113; 1983 Reg. Sess. , 1984, c. 1019, s. 2; 1985, c. 757, s. 152; 1985 Reg. Sess. , 1986, c. 955, ss.

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Lucky for you, those mines have nothing to do with Ghost Mine, so Im not wandering into that territory. Sumpter has so much history and so many great archival photographs, its been hard to figure out what to tackle next. Surprisingly, turning on the television led to inspiration. There were six episodes of Ghost Mine on Syfy channel in Jan Feb of 2013. Another twelve episodes started airing in early Sept. Its been great fun hearing behind the scenes chatter around town.

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In 2006, H. Little , stated, Risk is any behaviour in which there is uncertainty about the outcomes. It involves a consideration of the benefits against the possible undesirable consequences of the behaviour as well as the probability of success or failure. We believe that risk should be managed not eliminated or completely avoided. There are benefits to risk. Many educators and child development professionals encourage Risky Play. Risky play can be defined as a thrilling and exciting activity that involves a risk of physical injury, and play that provides opportunities for challenge, testing limits, exploring boundaries and learning about injury risk. For example, risky play for children and young people provide many benefits, including:If children and young people are not allowed to explore and learn through playing and taking part in positive activities, they will not learn how to judge risks and manage them for themselves. These skills a child or young person learns through play and other activities can act as a powerful form of prevention in other situations where children and young people are placed in positions of risk. We do believe that organizations should be planning on how to protect children and young people as part of the programming. Determining whether or not to retain the risks that are associated with an activity should be a leadership decision.

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It was at these hearings that objections and representations regarding the construction of cottages in particular localities. Together the evidence presented in these sources can be analysed through various lenses. Rent ledgers, diligently and fastidiously kept, presents evidence of the economic status of most of the labourers, which can be compared with wage rates in equivalent occupations in urban areas. Representations through councillors regarding maintenance and upkeep of the cottages is evidence of both the construction and living standards of the labourers, as is the frequent exhortations asking the council to fund the repairs, which the occupier will carry out!Complaints regarding the situation of a particular cottage can be seen as evidence of the fear of labourers of poor employment prospects in a particular area, as well as perhaps some hostility on the part of local farmers or labourers to the intrusion of outsiders into carefully cultivated networks of employment and patronage. Occasionally there are glimpses of the pressures of everyday life. The history of everyday life Alltagsgeschichte started in West Germany in the 1980s and spread quickly to other European and American institutions. It has been slower to permeate the Irish historical consciousness, though. Too often historians of all ilks in Ireland were unprepared to wallow in the habitual, the banal, choosing instead the bright lights and the fireworks of much more turbulent and exciting periods of history I include myself in that admonition!. Yet, by looking more closely at provision of housing for rural labourers, albeit in one county or portions thereof, and by looking at the sources for the provision, and by examining the use of these sources in the existing historiography, we can illuminate the social history of a region in a period of turbulent Irish history. A major issue in examining everyday lives of rural workers at the turn of the twentieth century is clearly a lack of concrete documentary evidence. The Rural District Councils whose minute books form the backbone of the research I will present upon were, for the most part, comprised of bourgeois and petty bourgeois representatives, with directly elected labour representatives few and far between.

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