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Roberts, the now retired classics chair at the State University of New York at Albany. Additional plagiarism complaints have been made against Eugene M. Tobin, former president of Hamilton College, and Richard L. Judd, former president of Central Connecticut State University. In his book Academic Ethics, Neil Hamilton observes that most doctoral programs fail to educate students about academic ethics so that knowledge of it is eroding. Lack of emphasis on ethics in graduate programs leads to skepticism about the necessity of learning about ethics and about how to teach it. Moreover, nihilist philosophies that have gained currency within the academy itself such as Stanley Fishs antifoundationalism contribute to the neglect of ethics education. For these reasons academics generally do not seriously consider how ethics education might be creatively revived. In reaction to the Enron corporate scandal, for instance, some business schools have tacked an ethics course onto an otherwise ethically vacuous M. B.

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But what happens?The examiner does NOT like this idea of ours. Consequently we have to put in another year in the same course. If I were an examiner, I would see that I dont set any question out of course. It happens many times those examiners set questions which the boys are not expected to know as they are not included in the syllabus. I shall be very careful n framing questions. An examiners job is to test the comprehension of the boys. This does not demand the questions set in the paper are more difficult than the text itself. Sometimes even well prepared students fail to do justice into the examination hall because questions are not in level with the expected attainment of the boys. I shall therefore try to understand the limitations the boys and set questions accordingly. A boy who understands the text soul gets a pass. That way I sell try to be judicious.

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