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, Ph. D. From financial literacy to financial well being; a studyof the level of financial literacy of women teaching facultyin educational institutions in Coimbatore regionDoctoral Dissertation . S. Hephzibah Priyadharshini, Ph. D. Sasi Kiran and Dr. A. Sharada, EditorsContemporary Literary Perspectives . Dr. A.

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Moreover, "Pope Clement XII forbade Catholics from becoming Freemasons on penalty of excommunication" Watson, 2009. Feeling pressure in Europe, many Freemasons decided to flee the Old World and travel to the European colonies scattered throughout the world, most notably, America. Influence on AmericaAnyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the Freemasons and American history understands that, whatever resistance the Freemasons met with in Europe was not to be found in America. The Freemasons set up lodges in Boston and Philadelphia, and some of the founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. More importantly, the Freemasons are reported to have played In fact, the American evolution may have served to assert the natural rights of some people, but those people were limited to a class of white males. It is important to keep in mind that one of the ideological underpinnings of the evolution was a challenge to imperialist ideals, and race based oppression and slavery had long been major parts of the imperial system.

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It seemed to Pierce, though, that the same technology that risked creating another generation of psychically damaged black children could also be used as a radical therapeutic intervention. As he told his colleagues within the Black Psychiatrists of America in 1970: Many of you know that for years I have been convinced that our ultimate enemies and deliverers are the education system and the mass media. We must, he continued, without theoretical squeamishness over correctness of our expertise, offer what fractions of truth we can to make education and mass media serve rather than to oppress the black people of this country. Knowing how Pierce saw the matter explains why, shortly after the founding of the Black Psychiatrists of America, he became personally involved in helping to design a new kind of television show targeted at preschool children. The show had had originally been conceived as a novel way of bringing remedial education into the homes of disadvantaged children, especially children of color. Pierce, though, saw a different kind of potential for a show like this: one that could directly counter and counteract the racist messages prevalent in the media of his time. The issues for him were even more personal than they might otherwise have been: at the time, he had a 3 year old daughter of his own. He thus agreed to serve as a senior advisor on the show, working especially closely with the public television producer Joan Ganz Cooney, one of its two creators the other was the psychologist Lloyd Morrisett. In 1969, the show aired on public television stations across the country for the first time. It was called Sesame Street. It was not only the most imaginative educational show for preschoolers ever designed: it was also, quite deliberately, populated with the most racially diverse cast that public television had ever seen.

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