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That story is about the gradual failure of the United States, Europe, Russia, and China to prevent nuclear arsenals from spreading around the globe, and the ferocious determination to acquire such arsenals that upstart nations, some banding together, continue to show. It is to Hibbs's advantage that he is not, strictly speaking, a spy. Because he works in the open, without a security clearance, he is not bound by government policies and cannot easily be silenced. There are others outside the government who share his freedomprofessors, analysts, and advocatesand a few of them are very good, but none have produced results to equal his. Superficially, what he does seems simple enough: he ferrets out details from a variety of sources, fits them into patterns in his mind, and writes them up. But that process requires unlimited patience, sound technical knowledge, an intense determination to avoid making mistakes, and a sense for the plausible in a world full of lies. These are rare attributes, and in Hibbs they combine. It helps that he is not a crusader, and that although he privately regrets the spread of nuclear weapons, in his reports he takes no sides. It helps as well that publications he writes for do not accept advertisements, and understand that their value to their readers lies in delivering the news even if that news embarrasses the industry or is otherwise impolite. He told me once that it is very lonely work, and more so even than ordinary writing, because for all his influence, he writes for an audience imbued with secrecy, and therefore rarely hears from his readers. Speaking of a meeting he attended of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, he said, "I remember I sat down in the back of the room, and there was a delegate from one of the Western countries who was sitting next to me.

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Exulting in the security that the grounding in German grammar offered him, he hastened to go to the university to test his knowledge but he could not understand a word. After his failure, he decided to memorize the German roots, but with no success. He went so far as to memorize books, translate Goethe and Schiller, and learn by heart 30. 000 words in a dictionary, only to meet with failure. Upon returning to France, gouin discovered that his three year old nephew had managed to become chatterbox of French a fact that made him think that the child held the secret to learning a language. Thus, he began observing his nephew and came to the conclusion that language learning is a matter of transforming perceptions into conceptions and then using language to represent these conceptions. Equipped with this knowledge, he devised a teaching method premised upon these insights. It was against this background that the series method was created, which taught learners directly a series of connected sentences that are easy to understand. For instance, I stretch out my arm. I take hold of the handle. I turn the handle.

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, and Aleena M. H. of Class 8, and Diya Robin K. of Class 10, handed over the prize money of Rs. 2,000 each which they had won for best science projects to Dr. Muneer as a contribution towards the welfare schemes of the Kerala Social Security Mission. Thiruvananthapuram Corporation councilor Rakhi Ravikumar, child cine artist Master Ashiq P. R. , Parents Teachers Association president Mohandas, Kerala Social Security Mission executive director T. P. Ashraf, school Principal Sujana, high school Additional Headmistress Jalaja Suresh, and higher secondary school Principal Sheeja P.

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Neuropathol. Exp. Neurol. 65, 516 527. 58. S. 732 734. 3. Pp. 478 U. S.

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