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Another term for protest style occupation, the sit in, has been in use since 1937, though it really took off in the 1960s. 3 As of November 2011, the Occupy movement had spread physically with Occupy camps and virtually via social media and internet forums to 951 cities in 82 countries. References are frequently made to 19684 but how relevant are they?The Financial Times called 2011 The Year of Global Indignation. The papers foreign affairs columnist, Gideon Rachman, wrote Many of the revolts of 2011 pit an internationally connected elite against ordinary citizens who feel excluded from the benefits of economic growth, and angered by corruption. The creation of a global mood is a mysterious thing. In 1968, before the word globalisation or the internet were even invented, there were student rebellions around the world. The year 1989 saw not just the fall of the Berlin Wall but the Tiananmen Square revolt in China. Perhaps 2011 willcome to rank alongside 1968 and 1989 as a year of global revolt?5It is true that there are many similarities between what is occurring now and what happened in 1968 and 1989. These similarities should not just be noted for the objectives the movements had in common, but also the strategies that were adopted. While the political and military oppression experienced in the American South and Northern Ireland in 1968, in Tiananmen Square in 1989, or in Latin America in the late 1980s and early 1990s is not present in Ireland now, many of the socio economic problems are comparable. As the Occupy movement assesses what its future tactics should be, it is an opportune time to examine what strategies have been tried and tested in the twentieth century and which were the most successful.

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Have a great day ahead of you!i agree sir, school is our 2nd home and our home is our 2nd school that is why parents should also participate in teaching the hidden curriculum. I agree with the thought. It is at home where it starts. For some, our personality lies by the way our parents raise us or what kind of family we have. I think school can boost in the welfare of the child and that is for me the essence of hidden curriculum. It helps in nurturing or improving the personality of an individual.

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We are looking to invest in emerging and innovative technologies that will create a hybrid digital experience for our students today and for the future. The roleWorking as a Senior IT Project Manager you will be helping drive and implement a range of cutting edge Audio Visual AV Solutions that will create a new digital learning experience for our students on and off campus. Working with the AV Technical Lead and Senior Management team you will take ownership of the delivery of a range of technology projects across our campuses that will enable a new innovative hybrid model of learning. We need you to help develop our new digital education offering, ensuring our solutions are safe, secure and robust for the future. Digital and AV technologies have an important role to play in the next 12 months in enabling us to accelerate our plans around delivering our education strategy. We want to push the boundaries and invest in our student journey. Your ProfileStrong background in delivering large scale technology projects working in both an agile and waterfall environmentsExperience of defining, documenting, and managing full project lifecycle within a complex environment from inception through to implementation, including resource, budget and change management. Experience of building and maintaining collaborative relationships across organisational boundaries and stakeholder groups including internal and external partners to enable the smooth delivery of complex projects. Experience of commercials, procurement, value for money and ROI assessmentsAn understanding of AV within an education context would be advantageous but not essentialCommunicationYou will be a self motivated and dynamic individual who is able to be adaptable and flexible and able to adjust to new situations and environmentsEffective oral and written communication skills, with a logical and pragmatic approach to tasksAbility to communicate with people at all levels, including the ability to communicate complex technical information to non technical usersAbility to create and maintain documentation, including knowledge base articles, technical documentation, update solution designs, etc. As an employer of choice, the University of Westminster offers an extensive benefits package including:Competitive salary of 52,915 57,361 dependent upon experience35 days annual leave plus Christmas closure days, public holidaysCompetitive pension package A healthy work life balance for all employeesProfessional and personal development and training opportunitiesClosing date: Monday 12th OctoberVideo interviews will be held remotely for this role on Wednesday 21st OctoberFor more detailed information, please contact Amanda Whicher Visit our dedicated recruitment website to find out why you should join the University of Westminsterwebmicrosites. hays.

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Communication is one of the essential components of the foundation of ones personality. We need it all the time and we use it everywhere, so it also becomes an important part of our social skills set. For kids and teenagers, some of the most effective ways to learn and master this skill is through the medium of games, activities, and interesting exercises. Through these activities, kids are able to improve their verbal as well as written communication, along with having fun and enjoyment. Interestingly, the games and activities that promote teamwork will automatically improve communication as well. Hence it is advisable that the activities should be performed in a group rather than by oneself as this promotes fast learning. The following are certain communication skills activities that will benefit kids and teenagers, and anyone who uses them, by helping them sharpen their communication skills. Make chits of words that are common among the kids and place them in a fishbowl. Next, ask each student to come up and pick out a chit from the bowl and speak for 30 seconds on the word. The sentences should be small and simple in structure in order to avoid any grammatical errors. This exercise is quite similar to an extempore, which helps in developing confidence and face the audience, along with developing communication skills.

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It was very close to take away world championship from Jacque Villeneuve that year until the final nasty collision caused by Michael Schumacher. As a result, Schumacher was the one got thrown off the track and Villeneuve went on the win the driver championship. Later Schumacher was disqualified that year too. Very memorable year especially when Schumacher was fighting all points back and it made thing exciting. By Paco Porres | 09. 01. 2010 10:56 In 1972 Protar produced their first 1/12 F1 scale model, the Ferrari 312 B2 1971. Protar was well known for their fine motorcycles models, but their F1 models werent of the same quality. A year before Tamiya released the predecessor of the B2, the Ferrari 312 B from 1970. The kit from Tamiya wasnt of the same quality as their later 1/12, but it was much better than the Protar one. The first look on the Protar box shows that there are some parts really out of scale.

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