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But then we all learn the hard way and Im stuck with it. Reply from JohnSarah, I repied to your blog post directly to your email address. As it was a general support question I felt there was no need to post it here. If you need help/support contact me direct from the link you will find on the download page. This helps me to help you and give you a better service. Hi John,If I purchase the blueprints program before the deadline, can I start the seven days later?Say at the first of the year?Reply from JohnYou can start anytime you want. You can even make a day last a week. All that is important is you complete the course then you will at least have something to show for your investment. Hi John, I am a 74 year old senior cirtizen who has created considerable drain on my meager pension from signing up for programs that will create me 10,000+ a month, and never do anything except make it harder to get by. Is their any chance that you could work out some sort of spread payment scheme, as I feel that I desperately need a structured plan to get anywhere and help repay my maxed out credit card?I had hoped to be able to report completion of day 2s tasks, but I hit a stumbling block I am still awaiting authentication to be able to access my new domain control panel and so I havent yet changed the DNS settings or moved on to day 2. Looks like Ill take longer than 7 days to do this, unless I get my act together big time and do two days worth tomorrow.

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Vigorously prosecute the litigation. A class representative must authorize class counsel to do what is necessary to successfully prosecute the lawsuit on behalf of the class, such as by signing the client agreement. Once that authorization has been made the class counsel will then vigorously pursue the matter. 7. Provide notice to the class. In some situations a class representative may be responsible for providing notice to the class, depending on whether the federal rules or the judge requires such notice.

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Cats have a certain character or personality which is distinctly their own. They are friendly and affectionate, yet retain an individuality and grace. most people own cats for the sheer joy of their catness. And yet there are people like you who would enjoy life with a cat. Tracking and locating the perpetrators of these frauds is an expensive exercise, and has generally not yielded much success. The Internet is a wonderful source of information and knowledge. However it is increasingly being used to operate scams and hoaxes, as many have discovered to their cost!A number of complaints have been received by the Southern Africa Cat Council SACC, from people who thought that they were buying pedigreed kittens via websites listed on the Net. They paid their deposits, as well as courier fees, often into South African bank accounts, and then waited in vain for the arrival of their new kitties!These scam artists create bogus websites, using the cattery names of well respected, registered and accredited cat breeders, and posting pictures of kittens and their parent cats, that they have downloaded from South African as well as international breeder websites. They run the bogus website for a few weeks, and then replace it with another, so as to be able to con yet another bunch of victims. The President of the SACC, a well known breeder of Burmese cats, discovered, to his horror, that there was a website using his cattery name, advertising kittens of a range of cat breeds that he certainly does not breed or own. These breeders claim to be South African, they often advertise a range of available kittens for sale, such as Persians, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Norwegian Forest, Sphynx etc, with a cell phone number.

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High performance tires have small void ratios to provide more rubber in contact with the road for higher traction, but may be compounded with softer rubber that provides better traction, but wears quickly. Mud and snow MandS tires are designed with higher void ratios to channel away rain and mud, while providing better gripping performance. Treadwear Main article: Treadwear rating The treadwear grade describes how long the tire manufacturer expects the tire to last. A Course Monitoring Tire the standard tire that a test tire will be compared to has a rating of "100". If a manufacturer assigns a treadwear rating of 200 to a new tire, they are indicating that they expect the new tire to have a useful lifespan that is 200% of the life of a Course Monitoring Tire. In general, manufacturers tend to overstate the treadwear of their tires in an effort to create the impression that their tires last a long time. The ability of manufacturers to report their own numbers makes comparison of treadwear ratings between companies useless. Ratings may still be useful within a manufacturer's own line of tires. Tread lugs provide the contact surface necessary to provide traction. As the tread lug enters the road contact area, or footprint, it is compressed. As it rotates through the footprint it is deformed circumferentially.

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