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The other people sharing the idea will be asked for permission to use their writings, their artwork, their patents, and their stories of having it rejected to work together in continuing to promote it and to keep it alive, able to be passed down to the next generation of thinkers that my have less opposition to it in the future. However, while still alive and capable of finding a way to obtain grant funding to complete a PhD study of my own to prove its worth; my attempts to fully establish this idea will continue. Even though the social consequences of maintaining this position has been harsh, with the majority of people that took time to listen calling me a dreamer and a fool; it is simply too important to let go of now, after having dreamed this lonely dream for over 30 yearsThe idea is simple: add green lights to the array of tail lights in cars. When the car accelerates, the green lights will light up the same way red lights work when it decelerates. You must be crazy! I hear you say. This will just make everyone drive faster!Dont we have enough accidents already?! But consider this: while the green lights signal to the driver behind you that you are accelerating, the lack of them signals that you are decelerating. And the advantages of having this information, I think, may outweigh the disadvantages of having the green lights on. This is something we can experiment with, the same way they experimented in different countries with countdown timers for traffic lights. And this one is just about the Chinese traffic light experiment. In other countries the effect was different, so there really isnt one answer whether this kind of an idea is good or bad it depends on the driving culture per country. UPDATE: According to Wikipedia Some jurisdictions, such as the US states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho, permit vehicles to be equipped with auxiliary rear signal systems displaying green light when the accelerator is depressed, yellow light when the vehicle is coasting, and red light when the brake is depressed.

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24In developing a marketing channel strategy the company decides the most appropriate way to reach its customers. This may be through intense, selective or exclusive distribution depending on objectives and the nature of the product, the service and the market. In managing the marketing channel the company must select, motivate and evaluate distributors. Because marketing channels comprise a set of interdependent organizations, conflict can arise among channel partners. Power is used to manage this conflict so that the marketing channel develops and grows. From time to time channel members at one or more levels dominate this power relationship.

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BreastCancer, vol. 2012, Article ID 574025, 10 pages, 2012,doi:10. 1155/2012/574025. 87. Z. I. M. Trotskiy. Samodeyatelnost i samopomoshch evreyev v Rossii OPE, ORT, EKO, OZE, EKOPO // KRE 1, p. 471. B.

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